Anand Almad
Shree CNG Station,
opp Shatabdi Hospital,
W.T.Patil Road, Chembur,
Mumbai, 400 071, INDIA.
Tel : 91-22-2520 1916,

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
We offer services for setting up a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station.
    Requirements from Client's side:
  1. Client ideally should have an open plot of 9000 to 10,000 sq ft, with easy access to main road.

  2. Levelling, building, infrastructure cost: at actuals (estimate is 75 lakhs). Client will need at least 250 kVa transformer.

  3. Licensing and Liasioning cost: at actuals (estimate is 50 lakhs).

  4. Our consultancy: Rs 25 lakhs, estimated time for completion of the project is 12 to 15 months.

  1. CNG price is 50 per kg and commission is Rs. 4 per kg.
  2. Expected sale is around 10,000 kg per day.
  3. Gross commission earned per month is 12 lakhs.
  4. Operating cost (salaries etc.) 4 lakhs.
  5. Payback in 2 years.
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Both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are ways of making natural gas available for vehicles. CNG is used to power vehicles, mostly cars, rickshaws, buses and trucks. It is a lot cleaner fuel than Petrol and diesel. Natural gas can be supplied to households through pipelines.
In India, CNG is a readily available alternative to Petrol that is made by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at a pressure of 210 kg/sq. cm. This is filled in special cylinders at Gas Filling Stations. It mostly contains methane. CNG is odorless, colorless and tasteless.
CNG has advantages over petroleum-based fuels such as Petrol. Compressed natural gas is a clean-burning fuel. CNG also produces 45% less hydrocarbons than Petrol. And although natural gas also produces greenhouse gases, it is considerably reduced compared to Petrol or diesel.
India has rich resources of Natural Gas and these are now well developed. Long distance pipelines are laid and now Natural Gas will available in most of the major towns.

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