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I offer lectures at Training Classes. Different topics from Piping are selected. These are indicated below. The total course content is in Megabites. My piping training program includes class notes as .pdf files. It is given to students of Piping Training Courses conducted by me.

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  • All topics as Power Point Presentations are available for teaching for US$ 60 or 3,600.
  • The entire training material as Notes in .pdf format, catalogs, CAD manual and Resources are available for teaching for US$ 20 or 1,200.
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Starting page number for each lecture is indicated.
Process Piping 5
Scope of Piping Engineer 6
Pipes and Tubes 12
Fittings 25
Flange class / rating 32
Valves 36

Pressure Drop in Pipes 50
Pipe Sizing 55
Non Newtonian Fluids 59
Types of Two Phase flow 60
Pressure vibration 62
Pipe Line networks 63
Restricted Orifice 64
Color Identification Code 65

P and I Diagrams 68
Various Facilities for Plot Plan 78
Steam Flow and Condensate Handling 89
Vacuum Pipelines, Ejector Systems 97
Slurry Pipelines 100
Surge Drum, Flare Stack 103
Pneumatic / Mechanical Handling of Solids 107
Pumps, Compressors, Fans and Blowers 110
NPSH, Allowable nozzle loads in various codes 113
Piping Design Codes, (ANSI, API, IS) 115
Long Distance and Cross Country Pipelines 121

Equipment Layout 127
Tank Farm 128
Piping System Design and Layout Considerations for following systems:
Condensate Recycle and Steam Distribution 129
Distillation / Heat Exchanger Systems 136
Cooling / Process / Chilled / Brine water systems 144
Suction / Discharge Piping for Pump / Compressor 152
Gas / Steam Turbines 153
Yard Piping 156
Fire Fighting Systems 160
Petroleum Products, Class A, B, C 163
Jacketed / Traced Lines 165
Selection and Design Considerations for:
Hoses 167
Strainers 169
Sight Glasses 171
Temp Safety Valves 172
Rubber and Metallic Expansion Bellow 173
Information to and from Piping Department with other engineering departments with reference to preparation of layout. Do and donot for routing of pipelines, considering operating feasibility 175
Preparation of Process Plant Layout 176
Piping Layouts 179
Piping Isometric 192
Stages of Material Take Off 196
Drawing Approval 201
Piping Spec 204

Principles of Pipe Insulation 216
Critical Thickness of Insulation, Estimation of thickness 220
Insulation Material for hot / cold surfaces, properties, selection criteria 221
Typical Specification for Hot / Cold Insulation 223

Design of Wall thickness of pipe 226
Thermal stresses due to thermal expansion of pipe lines and dissimilar metals, design of bends, contraction of pipe lines, reinforcement of branches, selection of flanges, flexibility analysis, Pipe stress analysis wrt Piping Layout 228
Design Code ANSI B31.1 and B31.3 requirements for thermal stresses 231
Imposed loading on Equipment Nozzles and Structures 233
Concept of Cold-Pull and Self-Springing 235
Pipe stress analysis with or without expansion joints 237
Design and selection of Expansion Joint Bellows 239
Expansion Joint Bellows 241
Transfer of Vibrations from machines to Pipe lines / Pipe Lines to machines 243
Different types of pipe supports and selection criteria for pipe supports, span calculation, gravity lines 244
Sizing and Loading Data for Pipe Rack 270

Various types of Welding, arc, gas, type of welding equipment, selection of electrodes, MS or SS welding, storage and handling of electrodes, edge preparation, welding qualification. Do and dont of welding, important aspects relating to brazing, gas cutting, plasma cutting. Specific precaution for SS. Heat Treatment (preheating and post cycles) 273
Procedure for Installation of Pipes, precautions, estimation, inch-diameter concept 276

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) 278

Desirable properties of Piping Materials for low, normal and high temperature services, Material for corrosion resistance 287
Gaskets 288
Polymeric Materials (Plastics) Important consideration of plastic piping (HDPE / PP / PVC), Joining methods of plastic pipes and fittings. Valves made of plastic, constructional features and limitations 290
Types of corrosion, method of preventing corrosion, coating of pipelines for underground and long distance services, cathodic protection of pipe lines 301
Painting of Pipe lines, common paints for corrosion protection, abrasive cleaning, Pickling and Passivation of SS Piping 303

Direct and Indirect costs associated with Piping. Estimation of requirements and man-hours, relative economics of various MOC. Relative economics for various materials of construction. Relative economics for different systems. Concept of economic diameter. Case study in optimizing pipe size and estimating cost of piping for plant (ISBL) and tank farm (OSBL) 307
Direct and Indirect costs associated with fabrication, installation and testing of piping. Inch-dia Length Concept 308

Application of hygienic piping, Pipes, Precautions in hygienic pipe engineering, Good sanitary design and required basic principles, Pipe Unions, Valves, Cleaning Stations. Material of Construction, Pumps - Centrifugal and Positive Rotary type, Glass Pipes and Fittings, plastic pipes and tubes, Welding of Sanitary Pipes and Fittings. Design of Standard Pipe System for in place cleaning, Requirement of process equipment 310

Basic Engineering Package 319
Process Kinetics 325
Process Modeling 346
Pilot Plant 355
Mass Balance 363

Creativity 368
Process Evaluation 372
New Product 373
Market Survey 375
Project Report 377
Thermodynamics and Kinetics 404
Types of Reactors 415

3D Piping Models 421
P & ID 431
Piping Isometrics 441
2D Piping Layouts 449

Data Sheets 451
EIL Support Standard 505
Electrical 592
Pipe Data 606
Pipe Dimension Standard 612

Payment Modes:
In India:
You can buy it by sending money by PayTM. Send payment to cell no. 91-9403405715.
Deposite a cheque of any local bank at any HDFC Bank Branch or ATM, in favour of SATISH VITHAL LELE A/c 0540 100 0053720. (HDFC Banks may not accept cash)
In India: Deposite amount by NetBanking, in favour of SATISH VITHAL LELE, A/c 0540 100 0053720 of HDFC Bank, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 400705. ISFC No. HDFC0000540.
Outside India : You can send payment through Credit Card or by eCheque by Click on Image. (Use satish.lele@gmail.com as E Mail address to send money to)
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