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Cross Country Piping

Satish Lele

This Site is designed as Piping Training Course for Beginners.
(Designed by a Chemical Engineer)
    Start your Training Courses for Piping.
  • All topics as Power Point Presentations are available for teaching for US$ 60 or 3,600.
  • The entire training material as Notes in .pdf format, catalogs, CAD manual and Resources are available for teaching for US$ 20 or 1,200.
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Role / Scope Pipe Specs Mass Balance
Basic Engineering Pipe Sizing Pipe Pressure Drop
Design Code Petroleum Class Flange Class
P and I D Drawing Approval Material Take Off
Cooling Water Condensate Recovery Non Newtonian Fluid
Two Phase Flow Vacuum Insulation Material
Insulation Principle Insulation Thickness Pump / Compressor
Pipe Costing Gas / Steam Turbine Creativity
New Product Process Evaluation Market Survey
Project Report Distillation HAZOP
Pipe Information Pipe Pipe Fittings
Valve Hose Gasket
Sight Glass Strainer Metal Bellow
Rubber Bellow Temp Safety Valve Restrictive Orifice
Plastic Material Color Code Hygienic Piping
Detailed Engineering Pipe Rack Pipe Line Network
Piping Layout Plot Plan Process / Utilities
Tank Farm Yard Piping Insulation Procedure
Hot Piping Jacketed Traced Lines Installation
Pump / Comp Piping Pneumatic Handling Pressure / Vibrations
Cross Country Piping Fire Fighting Pipe Stress
Stressed Piping Nozzle Stress Thermal Stress
Cold Pull Expansion Bellow Vibration Transmission
Surge Drum Welding Non Destructive Testing
Slurry Piping Piping Isometrics Corrosion
Pipe Supports Inspection Standard Underground Piping
Piping Design    
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