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Effects of Global Warming in India

Throughout history, South Asian Sub-continent has experienced various climate related events and pressures. But over the past 10 years, both drought and floods have increased in frequency and severity. The continent is now burdened with many disasters that were happening worldwide every year.
A warmer earth may lead to many projected changes over the coming decades, including more extreme weather events, like widespread drought and flooding, sea level rise. India has already experienced these, especially changes in rainfall patterns and rising sea levels. Widespread drought and flooding will be most likely experienced each in greater intensity in the future, the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change states that India is the also vulnerable to projected climate changes.
Widespread water scarcity in India is expected to be further aggravated by a number of emerging threats. These include climate change, as well as an increasing population and the subsequent increasing demands for water. India is expected to experience water scarcity or water stress.