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Satish Lele



Date of Birth : 3rd Sept 1950.

Nationality : Indian

Educational Qualifications : B. Tech. (Chemical) from

Powai, Mumbai (Bombay), 400 076, India. Year of passing 1973.

E Mail : satish.lele@gmail.com
BioDiesel Production and Jatropha Plantation

The main goal of my work is to enable communities in rural India to develop alternative energy options that will be good for the environment and help promote sustainable livelihoods in the region, without exposing them to such adverse effects of modernization as cultural transformations, and allowing them to retain independence in the face of globalization.

In view of my keen interest and knowledge on the subject, I am appointed as a member of the Core Group on Bio fuels, by the apex body of Indian Industries, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries for valuable inputs / suggestions that would surely enable to bring about the much-needed policy changes in this sector.

BioDiesel Plants Designs and Drawings

I have prepared a technical packages for 400, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 30000 liters per day Batch Process Plants, and 10000, 30000, 50000 and 100000 liters per day Continuous plants of BioDiesel. Many clients want to set up their plant with fabrication of vessels from their own fabricator. Hence I am offering a total package of drawings and data sheets with the help of which they can set up the plant.

    The drawings include
  1. Process & Instrumentation Diagram.
  2. Fabrication drawings of Vessels.
  3. Data sheets for Pumps, compressor, micron filters and electrical heaters.
  4. Data sheets for valves, flow glasses and temperature indicators.
  5. Detailed plans for erection of the equipments,
  6. Piping plans,
  7. Process description and operating manual.
These have been bought by 75 parties so far and they are building their own plants.

Book : I have also written a book on BioDiesel and Jatropha Cultivation, (ISBN 81-7754-255-9) latest edition of which is available as e-book (Adobe Acrobat book.pdf format). It covers both technical and commercial aspects.

Lectures at Conferences

Lecture on "Towards Inclusive Biofuel Innovation in Indonesia" by School of Development Studies, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia, on 8th November, 2012.

Macao Association for the Promotion of Exchange, Between Asia-Pacific and Latin-America (MAPEAL), organized a Professional Forum on Research and Development of Bio-fuel on 3rd and 4th April 2009 at Macau. I was Invited Speaker for the same.

Centre for Management Technology organized JatrophaWorld 2008 seminar on 23rd and 24th January 2008 at Jakarta. I was invited guest for the same.

Delivered a lecture for Vanilla-Jatropha Development Foundation, at Sun N’ Sand Hotel, Kikamballa, Mombasa, Kenya on 30th May 2007 on Jatropha plantations in Africa.

Mombasa Presentation

Delivered a lecture at Manila, Philippines, on Managing Costs, Yields and Productivity of Jatropha Curcas on 23rd and 24th May 2007, at Edsa-Shangrila Hotel in Manila at Conference arranged by Center for Management Technology, Singapore.

• Innovations in extraction / processing

• Quality & characteristics of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) using jatropha oil

Manila Presentation

Delivered a lecture at Columbia University at New York, USA, on “Jatropha : Oil properties for energy uses & plantation management best practices” on 25th January 2007.

Columbia University Presentation

I deliver lectures on BioDiesel Production for entrepreneurs and on Jatropha Plantation for farmers in English as well as our local language since 2005. These are arranged by Maharashtra Industrial & Technical Consultants (MITCON) a government of Maharashtra Consultancy. I have spoken at Dadar, Thane, Vashi, Jalgaon, Satara and Nashik Centers.

BioDiesel Presentation

Delivered a lecture at 3rd BioFuel Seminar organized by , Western Region Center, on 11th October 2007 on Present Status of Jatropha and BioDiesel in India.

Delivered a lecture at Tropical Forest Research Institute, at Jabalpur, on 25th February 2009

Delivered a lecture at University of Pune, on 18th March 2009, on Raw Materials for BioDiesel Production.

Delivered a lecture at North Eastern Regional Institute for Science and Technology, at Nirjuli, in Arunachal Pradesh on 21st March 2009.

Feasibility Studies

I work as a team member that conduct Due Diligence feasibility studies for companies intending to establish plantations of the following crops:

  • Jatropha Curcas
  • Pongamia Pinnata
  • Castor

My feasibility studies can be used to evaluate the viability of proposed plantations and BioDiesel Plants, for the purposes of capital budgeting.

Clients who engage my services conduct entire Due Diligence process, including Marketing Plan, Legal Details, Financial Due Diligence, Cash Flow Projections and the assumptions underlying them and Technical Plan. I will provide them with a comprehensive Technical Plan that outlines:

  • Suitability of land, availability of ground water, availability of labor force around the area, land leases, special arrangements like roads, housing etc.
  • Suitability of the proposed crop
  • Crop specific plantation management techniques
  • Road map for Nursery, land clearing , layout of trees, irrigation, fertilizing, internal roads and civil works, plantation of seedlings, pruning of trees, harvesting etc. Financial analysis of all these activities
  • Description of manufacturing processes of straight vegetable oil (SVO) and BioDiesel
  • Need for know-how, technological transfer and licensing required
  • Suppliers of equipment, services (including offers)
  • Requirement of Manpower (skilled and unskilled), Vehicles
  • Requirement of Infrastructure (power, water, etc.)
  • BioDiesel product cost and quality, comparison with pricing of Diesel
  • Raw materials: sources, cost and quality
  • Relations with suppliers and support industries
  • Import restrictions or licensing (where applicable)
  • Plant sites, technical specification
  • Environmental issues and how they are addressed
  • Integration of new operations into existing ones

The feasibility studies that I conduct are tailor made to the needs of every client. Should you have specific requirements I would be pleased to discuss these with you to ensure that you receive maximum value from the study conducted.

With my experience of Last Five Years in this line, I look forward to the opportunity of working with you in reaching optimum goals for your bio energy related projects.

Appointed as Consultant by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Limited, 71 French church Street, London, EC3M 4BS, (A member of Lloyds Register Group) to provide technical services for their assignments.

I was a team member for Project Feasibility Study on the “Development of Jatropha curcas oil for bio-energy in rural areas” in remote areas like Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) and Sulawesi Tengah of Indonesia, along the entire value-chain of investment, production, processing, marketing and utilization.

I have prepared a project report for 1,000 hectares on contract farming basis for a party in Fiji. It will now be submitted to world bank for loan.

I am doing Feasibility Study of 10,000 hectares land for a company in Singapore.

Mission : I would like to focus my activities on income improvement through the establishment of the Jatropha cultivation and local, community-based production of environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel. I would like to explore how the permanent exploitation of the different aspects of Jatropha curcas might be a real alternative to the common carbon-based fuel for transportation and energy production. I would like to contribute to improvement of Jatropha System which benefit four main aspects of development and secure a sustainable way of life for village farmers and the land that supports them.

1. Renewable Energy

2. Erosion Control and Soil Improvement

3. Promotion of Women employment

4. Poverty Reduction.

The overall objectives of my work will be to: Make Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production a low-risk venture with attractive returns.

Help attract private investors in Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production development. Promote and recognize endeavors to build technical capacities of rural entrepreneurs.

1. Help create new work opportunities in Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production related sectors.

2. Highlight environmental and social integration of Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production systems in rural communities.

3. Provide gender sensitive socio-economic and environmental analysis of Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production requirements in rural communities.

Attention to gender will be of my special concern with aims to improve the position of women through energy related income generating projects. I want to pay particular attention to the inclusion of women in Jatropha System to ensure that the interests of local women are represented. Stakeholder selection will be inclusive.

Barriers to implementation are very important factors to consider because technologies do not exist locally, but within specific cultural contexts, they will have to be effectively implemented. Any economic and development projects in these areas may affect the integrity of the region. In addition to the economic and political differences between regions, some areas have special geographical characteristics. To be fully effective, Jatropha cultivation and biodiesel production system should involve the identification of natural resource use patterns and potential conflicts among users and affected stakeholders in order to formulate a comprehensive energy strategy that is coordinated among different sectors and levels of government.

The results will be easily measurable. Most of communities are very small, so the differences may be observed by actual count of the beginning and ending conditions and the results quantified. There will be a subjective component from the residents about any "quality of life" improvements, along with some assessment of where incomes have been improved in sustainable ways.

In summary, what motivates me most is the quest for sustainable energy development approaches that are tailored to the needs of the communities and to the geographical specificities of a region. It is evident that development of biofuels in India is in nascent stage and only a focused approach can ensure the growth in this sector. Undertaking the cultivation of Jatropha in 24 million hectares of wasteland is one important strategy that can be adopted towards development of biofuels.

Our expertise is in Jatropha plantations and our Services are :

1. Property assessment and site selection

2. Supply of Tested Seeds and Saplings of best varieties

3. Layout and establishment

4. Water requirements and irrigation scheduling

5. Fertilizer programs and nutrition monitoring

6. Plantation work in your land

7. Production economics and marketing

8. Harvesting and handling

We extend comprehensive and cost efficient support to clients for them to obtain optimal yield and returns on the cultivation of Jatropha. The advice and assistance covers the following services :

1. Preliminary stage - Site assessment, soil analysis, plantation, production & marketing evolution

2. Preparatory stage - Soil management, land preparation, bed preparation, irrigation planning & schedule, supply and planting of seedlings

3. Cultivation stage - Sowing, Fertilization, Nutrition & irrigation Monitoring

4. Post Cultivation & Marketing stage - Harvesting, Processing, Packaging and Marketing as well as BioDiesel and Bio Gas Plants

Consultancy in Chemicals :

I am working as a Freelance Chartered Engineer, from October 1976 onwards. I have done a number of assignments in Project Execution and Market Surveys, for a number of companies in India.

Previous Experience in Production of Chemicals :

  1. Senior Process Engineer in Polychem Ltd., (Collaboration with Dow Chemicals of USA), Styrene plant, Chembur, Mumbai, 400 074, India, from Nov. 1973 to Nov.1975.

    Here I was in charge of Alkylation unit in shifts.

    Products manufactured are Ethyl Benzene, Diethyl Benzene, Styrene, Divinyl Benzene.
  2. Shift Supervisor in NOCIL Rubber Chemicals Div., (Collaboration with Monsanto Co of USA), C-37, TTC MIDC Industrial Area, Thane Belapur Road., Navi Mumbai, India, from Nov. 1975 to Sept 1976.

    Here I was in charge of production operation of two plants.

    Products manufactured are different types of Rubber Antioxidants and accelerators.

Memberships: I am an active member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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