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LISP Program for Jib Crane

This is a LISP based program for Drawing of Jib Crane, with user friendly dialog boxes, which is an add-on for any CAD program for developing GA drawing as well as component wise drawings with Bill of Material and weights of all components for Top and Bottom Jib Crane. The program asks for all parameters and then automatically draws separate drawings for each component giving Bill of materials for that component as well as weight of each sub-component and also total weight. LISP Program for Jib Crane then draws GA Drawing with total weight of Jib Crane. The Package gives all minor details at Quotation Stage itself and this helps to quote in most competitive manner. LISP Program for Jib Crane can draw a Jib Crane up to a span of 6 meters, lift of 4 meters, and lifting load of 3 tons.

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Three Structural members, such as Beams, Channels and Angles as well as Plates and Pipe are used to fabricate a jib crane. You can select American, British or Indian standard for sizes of these Structural members. The sizes of Structural members as per the standard are then shown in dialog boxes. You can even change these values. If you are choosing standard of your country, you can fill in sizes of structural members as per standards of your country.
If you select American Standard all values in dialog boxes will be shown in foot-inches and all drawings will be created in foot-inch dimensions. If you select British or Indian Standard all values in dialog boxes will be shown in metric system and all drawings will be created in millimeter dimensions.

I have prepared a Trial Program which shows 4 cases for the Top and Bottom beams. Ask us for free Demo. To run the demo copy file in acad support directory (or any other directory defined in CAD path settings) and unzip it. If you copy them to some other folder, in CAD, click on tools ->Options (or Preferences) -> Files -> + of Support File Search Path -> Add -> Browse -> Select the folder. All files from zip file should be in this folder. LISP Program for Jib Crane contains jib.lsp, jib.dcl program files and A1, A2, A3, A4 prototype drawings. Load jib.lsp by typing at command prompt (load "jib.lsp") and press <enter>. At command prompt type jib and press <enter> and program will start. This is a full program which runs for 4 options.

Programs asks for parameters in the following dialog boxes, and based on these values, LISP Program for Jib Crane draws the drawings.

Jib Dialog Box 1 Jib Dialog Box 2
Jib Dialog Box 3Jib Dialog Box 3
Jib Dialog Box 4Jib Dialog Box 6
Jib Dialog Box 5
Jib Dialog Box 7 Jib Dialog Box 8
Jib Dialog Box 9 Jib Dialog Box 10
Jib Dialog Box 11
Jib Dialog Box 12
Jib Dialog Box 13
Jib Dialog Box 14
Jib Dialog Box 15 Jib Dialog Box 16
Jib Dialog Box 17 Jib Dialog Box 18
Jib Dialog Box 19
Jib Dialog Box 20 Jib Dialog Box 21
Jib Dialog Box 22 Jib Dialog Box 23
Jib Dialog Box 24
Jib Dialog Box 25 Jib Dialog Box 26

Drawings developed by my program are as follows :

Jib GA
A Complete GA Drawing of Jib crane.

A Drawing of a Fabricated Pillar.
Jib Frame
A Drawing of Jib Frame.
A Drawing of Pivot.
Bottom Bracket
A Drawing of Bottom Bracket.
Top Bracket
A Drawing of Top Bracket.
Stopper Bracket
A Drawing of Stopper Bracket.
Cable Angle
A Drawing of Cable Angle.
Friction Disc
A Drawing of Friction Disc.
Pressure Pad
A Drawing of Pressure Pad.
Bearing Cover
A Drawing of Bearing Cover.
Bill of Materials
A Drawing of Bill of Materials.
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Buying Instructions : You can send the payment through Credit Card or by eCheque by PayPal or Bank Transfer. As soon as I get the money, I will send LISP Program for Jib Crane by Email. To Buy for details.
for Top Jib in Metric System.
for Bottom Jib in Foot-Inch System.
for Bottom Jib in Metric System.

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