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ADIWASI: Aboriginal Development Initiative With A Sustainable Income.
Importance of Scheme: Employment for Rural People, Substitute for Transport Fuel or Energy Security, Improvement of finances the Rural Poor, Correcting the ill effects of Climate Imbalance, Non Edible Oil Bearing Seeds: Jatropha Curcas (Ratanjyot), Pongamia Pinatta (Karanj), Madhuca Indica (Mahua), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Castor (Ricinus Communis), Simarouba (Laxmitaru), and Other local Plants.
Seed Collection: From Wild Areas, From Plantations, Seeds fallen on ground.

About Adiwasi Model: Social Organizations install expellers, Farmers come with their seeds, Extract oil for their use, Leave seed cake in centers, Centers process the seeds, manufacture Bio Fertilizers, Economically self sustaining.
Advantages to Rural Poor: Expellers can be used without electric power, Seed crushing in their area, Small crushing capacity per machine, No dispute about oil content, Manual labour is used, Oil for lighting.
Without Electric Power: Remote areas have no power supply: No expenditure to set up supply grid, No break down of electrical motors, No maintenance of electrical motors, No down time and loss of production.
Seed Crushing in local Area: No need to carry seeds long distance, Can process 5 to 7 kgs at a time, Can get 2 liters of oil, Oil can last for 15 days for lighting, Light in house during night.
Small Crushing Capacity: 1 hour of Seed Crushing, Lighting oil for 15 days, Multiple units in 1 Center, 1 unit in multiple centers.
No Dispute about Oil Content: Oil content of seeds may vary, Farmer gets all the oil from crushed seeds, No oil left in center, No dispute about amount of oil.
Uses in Rural Areas: Lighting using simple lamp, Simple Earthen Pot, Can be produced locally, also used for power generation and as tractor fuel.
Advantages for Center: Gets free seed cake in center: Processed to produce Bio Gas and Bio Fertilizer, Conversion to value added product, Employment for local poor, Important service to local poor, Expenses recovered by sale of Bio Fertilizer.
Bio Gas Plant: Can be locally fabricated, Plastic Water tanks are used, Feed from one side, Fermented cake out from other side, Gas collects at top, Can be used in center for lighting.
Process of Bio Gas Production: Started with Cow Dung + water slurry, Bacteria present in cow dung, Gas formation in 2 days, Cow Dung + Seed cake slurry fed, Later only Seed cake slurry fed, Treated slurry automatically driven out, Treated slurry used for Bio Fertilizer.
Advantages Bio Fertilizer: Locally produced, Low Technology plant, Employment for rural poor, Training not required to run the plant, Best quality fertilizer, Improves local soil fertility.
Bio Fertilizer Plant: Very simple to construct, Locally available materials used, Old open sheds can be used, Shed can be covered by Coconut leaves, Sides covered by old plastic, Pits set up by 2 layers of bricks.
Process of Bio Fertilizer: Stacked in over ground pits, Seed cake is eaten by earthworms, Water is sprinkled on the cake heap, Turned upside down once a week, Takes 3 to 4 months to complete, Cold (20-28 deg C), humid and shade, Temperature is always below 45 deg C.

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