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We buy fresh fruits from Kokan area like Mango, Mosamb, Kokam, Jamun, Papaya, Anjeer, Awla, Banana, Chiku, Dalimb, Guava, Jam, Kharbuj Karavand, Kalingad, Jack Fruit etc.
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 Project Report of 100,000 liters per year Wine Plant of different Fruit Wines is available.
We can offer Designs and Drawings for setting up the plant. You can fabricate your own plant in your town with the help of local fabricator.

Mango (Mangifera indica)

Introduction: France, Italy or Australia had made a mark for themselves as leaders in the wine industry, essentially because of their abundant grape produce. We will use our skills with the huge quantities of mango grown in this region. Just as each of the mango varieties taste different, each of the wines too varies in taste as well as in flavour.
The main problem faced is treating the viscous mango pulp to make Mango pulp thin enough to pass as wine. The process of fermentation is not very tough, as mango contains huge quantities of sugar, which is the basic raw material for fermentation to alcohol, but balancing the viscosity is what needs to be done very carefully. The alcohol content in the slightly yellow, sweet drink is 8-9%, which is lower than the alcohol content of a typical wine made from grapes, that generally ranges from 10-15%. India’s wines will include more exotic wines made from mangos.
Mango wine needs some fine tuning. Grape wine is available all over the world, but these wines are healthier. They’ve antioxidants and vitamins. It is certainly feasible to make wine from mangos. The issue is the quality, flavour, spoilage and marketing.

Applications / Uses: Antioxidant Properties: Carotenoids in mangos increase steadily during the ripening process. Carotenoid levels and antioxidant capacity in samples of wine made from seven different cultivars of mangos veries. Three of the mango wines -- Alphonso, Sindhura and Banginapalli – showed exceptionally strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants target the free radicals widely believed to be responsible for disease and age-related cell damage.
Protects Against Skin Cancer: Norathyriol, a metabolite of the magniferin found in mangoes, is known to have some anticancer properties.

Mango Wine Producer in India
A group of mango growers in the Andhra Pradesh are developing a mango wine. The products will be hitting the consumer market in the next two years. About 500 farmers have registered and are working in tandem to blend value-added products from mangos. Besides, another 4,000 farmers are partners in progress for the Rs 100 crore business in bringing quality fruits, selection and processing fruit concentrates and pulp for various mango delicacies.
These farmers supply 28,000 tonnes of fruits that are crushed to derive 13,500 tonnes of pulp in single strength equivalent. These farmers are planning to form farmers’ clubs which would assist in cooperative farming wit a buyback arrangement from the company.
Having a capacity to process 20 tonnes per hour, the company’s pulp plant has the technology and equipment from SIG-Mazini of Italy, and would be soon expanding the capacity.

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