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We buy fresh fruits from Kokan area like Mango, Mosamb, Kokam, Jamun, Papaya, Anjeer, Awla, Banana, Chiku, Dalimb, Guava, Jam, Kharbuj Karavand, Kalingad, Jack Fruit etc.

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 Project Report of 100,000 liters per year Wine Plant of different Fruit Wines is available. For more details contact
We can offer Designs and Drawings for setting up the plant. You can fabricate your own plant in your town with the help of local fabricator.


Introduction: Wine is fermented juice of grapes, berries or fruits. Most of the wine in the world is produced from the grapes. During wine production the sugars are fermented into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

    These can be manufactured from
  • Mango
  • Lichi
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Jack Fruit
  • Jamun
  • Kokam
  • Cashew Fruit
  • Orange
  • Apple

Red Wine is made by crushing grape of purple or red varieties and allowing skin, pulp and seeds to remain with juice during fermentation period. White wines are made from pigmented grapes by removal of skins, pulp and seed before juice fermentation.
Wines might be "fortified," "table," or "sparkling." In fortified wines, alcohol is added to raise the alcohol content (around 14 to 30 percent). These are less perishable and may be stable without pasteurization. Wines are termed table/still or sparkling depending upon the amount of CO2 they contain. The carbon dioxide may be formed naturally during fermentation or may be added artificially. Both table and sparkling wines tend to have alcohol contents between 7 and 14 percent. Sparkling wines are the ones which emit bubbles (greater CO2), like Champagne. Table wine is the most commonly consumed wine in the world. The term “light wine” is used to describe wine having alcohol content from 5-10 %.
Indian wine market scenario: Wine consumption in India is around 26 million liter in 2015 in which 85% is table wine and grape Wine is showing a steady 10%-20% growth in last couple of years. About 80% demand for wine is mainly from major cities in India. Mumbai (39%), New Delhi (23%), Bangalore (9%), Goa (9%) and rest of India 20%
Wine consumption in India
: India ranks 77th in terms of world wine consumption. The per capita consumption in India is only 20 ml per year. India consumed 0.8% of total wine consumed in Asia.
Red wine is the most popular type of wine consumed in Indian followed by white wine. Red wine accounts for 45% consumption followed by white wine 40% and sparkling wine at 10-15% and Rose wine 1-5%.
Survey reveals that consumption of wine in India is expected to reach 28 million liters by 2017. Wine consumption in India is expected to grow gradually and could reach 34 million liters by 2020.
Wine Exports: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc are the export quality wines that India exports to other countries. China, Singapore, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan are the potential markets for Indian wines which are also getting good acceptance in U.S & France. Sweeter wines have a good demand in Bhutan and Vietnam.
India exported almost 20 lakh liters or 10% of total production in 2015. India’s wine export value was calculated to be around Rs. 80 crore and is expected to increase to Rs. 500 crore in next five years.
Non-grape Wine Scenario in India : Non-grape wine production in 2015 is estimated at around 1 million liters per year. Rhythm Winery is one of the oldest winery with an annual production of around 1 lakh liters per year. Fruit wines are manufactured mostly from grape juice. South Indian Banana Winery, Wild Berry Beverages are some of the other manufacturers of non-grape wines in India.
Market Opportunities: World wine consumption is around 25 billion liters per year with Europe accounting for almost 12 billion liters, that is a whopping 55-60 liters of per caipta wine consumption per year. Europe and other Western markets are a huge market for Indian Wines to tap into. Indian Restaurants in Western countries and Star Hotels in India also provide huge opportunitity for Exotic Indian Wines.

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