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Satish Lele

Convert your Chemical Plant into BioDiesel Plant

I have prepared technical packages which give all details, to convert an Existing Chemical Plant to a BioDiesel Plants as Batch process. This package of convertion, comprises of, P&ID diagram which gives all information of Main SS Reactor assembly (with agitator, heating system and reflux condenser), and other suporting equipments. It also gives Data Sheets of Pumps and Instruments. It also give operating manual to run the plant. These BioDiesel Plants are of following capacities, as Batch Process Plants:

  •   1,000 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 3,000 liters per day)
  •   1,500 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 4,500 liters per day)
  •   2,000 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 6,000 liters per day)
  •   2,500 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 7,500 liters per day)
  •   3,000 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 9,000 liters per day)
  •   5,000 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 15,000 liters per day)
  •   7,500 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 22,500 liters per day)
  • 10,000 liter SS Reactor assembly, (Production 30,000 liters per day)
  • It can be offered for any other capacity. (Batch Process)
  • Since many Chemical Plant Owners want to convert their existing Chemical Plants to BioDiesel Plants, with existing vessels, I am offering a total package of convertion to BioDiesel Plant. You can modify the same as you wish. Convertion Package for each capacity of BioDiesel Plant are provided in drawing (.dwg) and Acrobat (.pdf) format.

    The batch plant packages for convertion to BioDiesel Plant, are reasonably priced at Rs. 1,000 each.

    You can buy these BioDiesel Plant packages, by sending Rs. 1,000 through Credit Card or by eCheque by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer. As soon as I get the money, I will send BioDiesel Plant Convertion Package by Email. To Buy BioDiesel Plant package for invoice.

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