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Satish Lele
Methanol from Glycerine

1. Process description: The crude glycerine from the transesterification reaction of oils is treated with pure hydrogen in order to get these products:

- dry methanol, 90-95% purity

- free fatty acids

- polyglycols

** The % of each product depends on the composition of the glycerol feedstock.

** FFA's and Methanol can be re-used in the same biodiesel manufacturing, and the polyglycols may be sold to the chemical industry, or burnt as fuel.

2. Steps of the process:

Load crude glycerine

Acid neutralization

FFA's extraction, keeping the 80% purified glycerine

Hydrogenation of the glycerine under controlled temperature and vacuum

Extraction of the gaseous methanol and condensing vapour by cooling water

Extraction of the glycols

3. Production capacity:

Module uses 2 x 2500 Liter vessels to process up to 10,000 liters of crude glycerine in 24 hours work shifts. It will produce around 35-40% of dry methanol, 25-30% of FFA's, and balance of polyglycols.

The operation can be done by two non skilled people per shift


Crude glycerine

Energy: 70 Wh/kg glycerine

Acid: 1 a 2,5% in volume

Catalyst: 0,01% per kg (reusable 5 times)

Water: 0,4 L/kg

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