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Non Edible Rice Bran Oil

Non Edible Rice bran oil is a byproduct of the rice milling process where brown rice is polished to white rice, and Rice Bran is rejected. Non Edible Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice, called rice bran. Rice Bran contains 12% to 13% oil. Rice Bran Oil is highly unstable. Rice Bran Oil decomposes as soon as it is extracted, by solvent extraction process and makes it Non Edible Rice Bran Oil.

Rice is the staple food of Asia and part of the Pacific. Over 90 percent of the world’s rice is produced and consumed in the Asia-Pacific Region. Asian countries produce 89 percent of world’s rice, with China and India alone accounting for 55 percent of the production. Production of rice is around 80 Billion Tons per year. Production of Non Edible Rice Bran Oil can be in millions of tons.

Oil Extraction from Rice Bran:

  1. Capacity: 10 to 50 Tons / Day.

  2. Major Equipment: Solvent Extraction Plant.

  3. Application: Extraction of oil from cake, Flakes, Expanded material and All oil seed cakes with low oil content.

  4. The production line of Rice Bran Oil extraction machine is safe. Developing countries process 90% oil by Solvent Extraction oil extraction process.

  5. Features of rice bran oil extraction equipments: Multiple selections of extractors available for rice bran oil extraction.

Suppliers of Non Edible Rice Bran Oil:
  1. Dinesh Sales Corporation: 15, Prafulla CHS, A.G.Pawar Lane, Near Voltas B House, Opp. Vardhaman Heights, Byculla (E), Mumbai, 400027. Tel: 91-22-23772376 / 23772377, M: 91-9321354239, WA: 91-9320254239, Fax: 91-22-23772377, Skype: dineshsales,

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