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BioDiesel Project Report for 1,000 liters per day BioDiesel Plant

for Process Flow Diagram of Biodiesel Plant.
for Process Flow Diagram of Distillation Plant.

for Equipment Price Calculator. Fabricators use this method to calculate price of the equipments.

Cost of manufacture of BioDiesel plant, of 1,000 liters per day plant is Rs. 52.37 Lakhs. Cost + Profit is the price offered by the Biodiesel Plant Suppliers. Area required for setting up the plant, properly following the rules of PESO, is 1,000 square meters (10,000 square feet).

The price of Biodiesel is the current base price offered by Oil Marketing Companies.

Palm Stearine and Animal Tallow is sold in Rs. per Kg. Hence its price in Rs. per liter is 10% less. The price indicated is a break even price. To achive a profit the price of Palm Stearine or Animal Tallow should be less, by at least Rs. 5 per kilogram for bulk deliveries, at your factory.

These report of BioDiesel Plants, form the basis for Report to be submitted to Bank which is generally prepared by Chartered Accountant associated with the particular bank. These reports of BioDiesel Plants, are available in US$, any other currency or Indian Rupees.

Project Reports of BioDiesel Plant, in Word and Excel format with full financial analysis, P&I Diagram, Plot plan for process plant and tank farm area, cost calculator based on current raw material prices are reasonably priced at Rs. 750 only.

I have prepared a technical packages for Manufacture of BioDiesel Plants as Batch process. This package of BioDiesel Plants, comprises of Designs and Fabrication Drawings of Catalyst Reactor, Biodiesel Reactor, Settling tank, Washing System. This package of BioDiesel Plants, also includes storage tanks, and special pretreatment vessel for feed preparation with acid resin columns. It reasonably priced at Rs. 15,000 only.

The Project Report of BioDiesel Plant, in Word and Excel format with full financial analysis will be sent to you immediately.
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